UNUMC Cornwall Trip 2005

Photo from Carn Barra on a sunny day
View south from Carn Barra (Sophie Price)

Once again the time has come to choose to do something exciting and memorable with your time after exams rather than just wasting it getting drunk sitting in some field listening to a "has been" or "never will be" band playing music that only teenagers like.

Every year the climbing club goes climbing for a week somewhere in the UK. This year will be no exception and like last year we will be going to Cornwall. West Cornwall is a major climbing venue with some beautiful sun kissed granite and some very picturesque scenery. All you have to do to find out how much fun we have down there is to ask any of our members who went last year.


Trip Details


St. Just, Cornwall


31st May to 7th June.
We will be getting back in time for people to have 2 hours to get ready for the Graduation Ball.


Camping at the Trevaylor Campstie which has a pub conveniently located in the campsite.


The club will provide a cooked breakfast each morning.
A packed lunch is advised and we will make a couple of trips to the supermarket during the week for you to buy provisions.
In the evening you could either do the camping thing and cook on gas or go to the pub. The choice is yours.


45 - Yes, that is a major bargain!
(Includes breakfast cooked by the pixie of the day.)

Evening Entertainment:

The bar on the campsite has a pool table, darts board and various beverages.
The social secretaries are planning a BBQ for one evening and there's a possibility of a trip to the meadery that just happens to be within staggering distance.


While we're there we'll try some of this.
We'll go to places such as Bosigran, Sennen and Carn Barra where you'll find some great climbing in some great settings. There's no need to be an expert as there will always be something for everyone.


Not everyone will may want to climb everyday and there's no need to. Whilst the club will treat climbing as the main activity for the masses, there are several beaches and a myriad of tea shops serving the legendary Cornish cream teas.

All up to date information will be available here so keep on checking back regularly. To reserve your place on this fantastic trip away send an email to either Austen or to Helen

For those of you who are thinking that you haven't climbed all year and that you couldn't possibly be good enough to go on such a trip, you'd be wrong. This trip is for members of all abilities. Even if you haven't climbed since the freshers trips back in October, you'll still have an awesome week.

Ruth on the beach
Ruth at the beach on her birthday.